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International Entrepreneurship House (IEH) provides personalized one-on-one support to help executives, managers, and CEOs to develop their leadership skills, build organisational relationships, overcome management challenges, accelerate their business development, and achieve their SMART goals.کارگاه آشنایی با کوچینگ شغلی و کسب و کار 7 شهریور1

International Entrepreneurship House (IEH) is a partnership platform for individuals and for private and public institutions and is the first contact partner when seeking solutions for starting a startup or expanding their market from local and national to regional and global levels. It represents a brain pool for the structural development of municipalities, regions, and federal states and possesses an international network of partner universities, commercial enterprises and public institutions.

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Coaching, Facilitating & Mentoring:

We also give startups to SMEs, a move in one of the most flexible innovation hubs, through offering an open-minded community, linked to the national, regional and internationsl entrepreneurship ecosystem, and supporting plans for upscaling from office facilities to venture capital financing.


Our Academy focusing on Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation courses while management competencies, entrepreneurship, tourism, sustainable development, new media/social media technology, environment, language and pre-academic courses could be found in our calender. It combines a strong academic foundation with a commitment to sustainability and innovation as the key drivers of long-term success. It aims to foster independent and original research and bring the benefits of innovation to the research community and the general public.

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Our Academy focusing on coaching, mentoring, management, entrepreneurship, tourism, sustainable development, new media/social media technology, environment, language and pre-academic events.

Coaching Week
WEBinar on International Coaching Week 2020

IEH in a glance:

Industry: Professional Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation, Advising and Training

Founders: Ali Asghar Fazel (PhD, PCC, CVF) & Ehsan Fazel (BSc, MBA, DBA)

Company size: 11 employees (including part-time roles)

Type: Partnership

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: 32, Binesh Business Tower, Kokab, Pasdaran Ave., District 2, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +982122898416

Website: https://khanehkarafarini.com/

Services: https://khanehkarafarini.com/shop/

Academy: https://www.amfazel.com

Webinars: https://webinar.khanehkarafarini.com/

Blog: https://khanehkarafarini.com/category/blog/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/khanehkarafarini/

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